Slip and Falls Can Result in Serious Injuries

May 1, 2017

“Slip and Fall” cases get a bad rap, and so do the victims.

People injured in Slip and Falls are often told that it was their own fault, that they should have been watching where they were going, or that they shouldn’t be so clumsy. They are told that they could not possibly be seriously injured by falling down in a store and that they are malingering – pretending to be injured in order get a payday.

However, most of the time all of this could not be further from the truth. The attorneys at Green & Gillispie know from years of experience that there are very real and very dangerous hazards that stores and business owners choose not to spend the time and money to fix or make safe. The attorneys at Green & Gillispie know from experience that very serious injuries can result from a Slip and Fall, including broken bones, flesh wounds, permanent and hideous scarring, debilitating hip and back injuries, and even paralysis.

Stores and other businesses in Arkansas, such as hotels or restaurants, have a legal obligation to remove hazards and defects of which they are aware or of which they should be aware.

The lawyers at Green & Gillispie have handled many of these types of cases and are often able to prove the store did not fulfill its obligation to keep the store safe for customers.

Arkansas consumers should never feel ashamed or ever be afraid to seek justice when injured due to the negligence of a retail store or other business that invites the public onto its property in order to make a profit.