Envy Nightclub Lawsuit

August 19, 2018

Club Envy, a poplar Little Rock Dance & Night Club, is being sued by Green & Gillispie on behalf of a man who was shot in the leg at the club.

The lawsuit alleges that despite numerous reports of violent crimes on the premises the club’s owner failed to take proper measures to ensure the safety of clubgoers.

The lawsuit states that in the 3 1/2 years before the shooting, Little Rock police responded to 220 incidents at the club. The suit alleges that “many of these incidents involved serious violent crimes, includimng multiple shooting incidents, as well as incidents of gun violence, rape and assaults and batteries.”

The suit declares that despite Club Envy’s owner’s and director’s awarenes of the “highly dangerous” aspects of the club, the shooter, a convicted felon at the time, was able to walk in with a Ruger .38 Special handgun in his jeans pocket without the gun being detected.

“Club security failed to pat him down. Had they done so, they would have easily discovered the gun. Club security also failed to screen for weapons by properly using a metal detection wand.”
The lawsuit alleges that L&J Catering, which owns the property and leases it to Club Envy, “assumed a duty of ordinary care to maintain the premises in a reasonably safe manner, which included guarding against foreseeable harms caused by known defects and hazards.”

Green & Gillispie are seeking monetary damages to compensate the shooting victim for pain and suffering, emotional distress, scars and disfigurement from the gunshot wound above his right knee, medical bills and loss of wages.

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