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At Green & Gillispie, Attorneys at Law, we strive to get the most favorable results in the cases we take on. Our attention to detail and expertise in the field of law are instrumental to delivering reliable and trustworthy services to our clients.

For us to give you the best service we can give, we make sure that you understand all the nuances of your case. Because you are better informed, it is easier for us to give you advice on how to proceed with your case. This synergistic relationship further enables us to give highly competent legal counsel that is comprehensive and effective towards achieving favorable outcomes for your case.

Green & Gillispie, Attorneys at Law, is your best choice for a variety of issues such as personal injury, auto accidents, divorce, family law, and criminal defense. Browse through our website and learn more about the high-quality service we can provide.


As one of the leading personal injury attorneys in Little Rock and North Little Rock, Green & Gillispie provides you with high-quality service through our expertise of the law.

At Green & Gillispie, our practice is focused on empowering victims of sexual abuse to obtain the healing they need and the justice they deserve. Unique amongst Arkansas firms, one of our firm’s primary focuses is representing victims of sexual abuse and other crimes in civil court. We have the experience and specific knowledge to properly and successfully represent victims of sexual abuse.

We are the only firm in the state of Arkansas, as of May 21, 2019, that has obtained monetary compensation from the Catholic Church in Arkansas for victims of sexual abuse. We are aggressive in suing sexual predators and those who enable sexual predators to commit their crimes. We understand that no damage award can undo the debilitating effects of sexual abuse, but pursuing compensation will aid in the recovery process.

If you or someone you know has been sexually abused, it is time to take action. The effects of childhood sexual abuse can last a lifetime. We truly care about you, the client, as an individual who has suffered. We want to get to know you and to empathize with your story and your struggles. We have the unique ability to get you the justice you deserve. As one of the only firms in Arkansas actively and regularly representing victims of sexual abuse, we have the experience necessary for winning your sex abuse case.

Don’t let fear of what others will think if you come forward with your stories of abuse stop you. Understand that we can handle your case anonymously. It will cost you no money to hire us. We do these types of cases strictly on contingency; you owe nothing ever until we win. Green & Gillispie is compassionate, honest, and fearless when it comes to standing up to Goliaths like the Boy Scouts of America, the Catholic Church, and other bullies. You deserve significant monetary compensation for your pain and suffering as a victim of sexual abuse. We are uniquely positioned to obtain this for you. Your identity NEVER has to be made public if you do not wish for it to be.

At Green & Gillispie, Attorneys at Law, we pride ourselves on being skilled at every aspect of our jobs. Whether it’s personal injury, criminal defense, divorce, and other civil or criminal cases, you can rest assured that you will receive sound legal counsel from Green & Gillispie.

For personal injury cases, we’ll help you get the settlement you deserve. Our legal experts will help you get the appropriate compensation if you’re ever in an unfortunate accident that has left you with injuries or other damages.

Meanwhile, our criminal defense attorneys will make sure that you are always well-informed about your rights, and that you are updated about everything regarding your case. We strive to get you the best possible outcome for your case, and we will work hard to protect your rights.

We take pride in what we do, and we bring our passion for providing topnotch service to every case we handle. Browse our services to learn more about what we can offer you.

As a member of the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association, or ATLA, and a graduate of the ATLA Trial Skills Academy, Green & Gillispie, Attorneys at Law, has garnered praise and acclaim from the people of Arkansas, with Little Rock Soirée magazine voting us among the top personal injury attorneys in Little Rock. We’ve also been rated one of the top attorneys by renowned lawyer rating service, Super Lawyers.


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